Migota was initiated by a group of experts who have been working in Sports related business for decades and still maintain the enthusiasm. We offers a boutique approach using our professionals’ in-depth experience to ensure that each client receives comprehensive representation to provide opportunities to succeed.  

We provide comprehensive and customized marketing goals for our clients, assessing your current brand and implementing a strategic marketing plan to grow the brand name recognition and to increase social media presence. With pre/mid/post career planning and support, we encourage and facilitates the strategic planning of post-career activities.

We appreciate every sports and its players’ unique characters, with individual needs, and our extensive network allows us to customize and develop new and innovative training strategies for clients in all sports.

We provide necessary assistance to clients in identifying financial professionals who work with the clients and their families to work towards their individual financial goals.

We share expertise in advising and consulting to individual athletes and their families on their options, both professionally and collegiately, no matter what sport they participate in.

 We encourage and assist its clients in participating in charitable and socially conscious activities, including foundation development, event and fund-raising planning and implementation and other charitable endeavors.

Our legal team includes multiple attorneys who are experts in Contract Law including Domestic and International contracts.

We also invest all our possible resource for cultivating junior athletes, who are the future of the sports industry. We build the connection between top athletes and the most experienced instructors, trainers and related professionals with junior and pre-career players.

When you are fighting, we are fighting with you.

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